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Reflections on Mark 8:15-21

Reflections on Mark 8:14-21

There have been crises in my life at various times. Many of them felt tragically overwhelming in the moment.

But they passed.

There have been momentous needs that have arisen which would bring relational or financial ruin if things didn't go favorably.

But they passed.

There have been deadlines. Lines in the sand when certain tasks or actions had to be completed or there would be devastating consequences.

These, too, passed.

Most of these crises, needs, and deadlines were resolved. The others either faded - being not as important as I had perceived - or a change took place and they simply disappeared. Probably the smallest part of them remained and had to be endured over a time... these, too have been concluded.

God met me at every point. He never left. Even when I could not sense his presence, I often later would discover the remnants of his actions which were at work while I was blind to them.

How acute is the pain or potential pain of the present? How often does fear seek to take rule over my soul? How forgetful am I about the faithfulness of God?

Has God's compassion run dry? Has he ceased loving me? Has he broken his promise to work all things together for the good of those who love him and are called unto his purposes?

How many times must he multiply loaves and fishes in my presence, under my observation, within my personal experience before I will rest in his goodness? How many times am I anxious in the boat, staring at a single loaf of bread and looking about to the many mouths which must find sustenance from something so impossibly inadequate? How many times has worry overshadowed memory?

And ultimately, how often will I fail to remember that the end point of the story is already fixed - already set - already certain? If the end is certain and it all works out, then everything between this point and the end must work out as well.

There may be dark times in which I struggle and cry out for help from above. There may be times of ease when I forget and ignore God's presence. There may be things which occur which feel like an ultimate end - but they are not. The ultimate end is set and is coming about, even now. And between this point and that one, God is with us - miraculously multiplying loaves to express his compassion, but also allowing struggle to bring forth the fruit of a strong faith.

So, REMEMBER! Recall the times where he rescued you and intervened in ways too coincidental to be coincidence! And REST! Rest in his care and compassion in the present, for his track record is perfect and his promises are sure!

For sometimes he calms the storms in my life, and sometimes he calms me in the storms of my life.

May God continue to bless you, and others through you,

- Dustin

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