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April 2024 - McCarty Ministry Minute

Happy Easter from the McCartys!




Greetings from the McCartys! So much has happened since our last update!  We hope your 2024 is off to a great start and is full of joys and growth in the Lord!  Since some of you have heard of recent health struggles I have experienced, let me start with a quick health update.

Atrial Fibrillation. As a heart patient with cardiomyopathy for almost 20 years, I did not think I would add another “diagnosis” to my list. However, in November of 2023, while out of state, my heart had other plans.  Cardiomyopathy typically deals with the lower (ventricle) portions of the heart. Atrial fibrillation deals with the upper (atrium) portions. My heart went into an abnormal, accelerated (around 150 bpm) state and remained there for 11 days straight.  Essentially, my heart was running a marathon while the rest of my body was quite confused. Eventually, 2 shock sessions and a lot of heavy medications, my heart returned to normal rhythm.  Since that time, I have had an ablation, and after a few more heart-racing mishaps, it appears that my rhythm is remaining normal. I am hopeful and grateful for your prayers!

Waiting for the Ablation...

Of course, this brought all sorts of questions about longevity of missions service, international travel, etc. etc. At this time, we are waiting on the remaining strong medications (with unfortunate side-effects), to work their way out of my system. Only then will I be able to make an informed decision about the way forward. But, it all looks good at this point.  I plan to take a “test trip” to Colombia to help launch a new Strategic Impact initiative in May, then will make plans to be in Africa in July. Again, I am very hopeful and grateful for your prayers!

Several of you came to visit me while I was incarcerated in Denton Presbyterian Hospital, and others helped out in practical ways — taking care of our lawn which was full of leaves, providing meals, etc.  I cannot thank you enough!  

Tracy is doing great with all of this and continues to be a HUGE help, taking on the many things I could not do — with willingness and joy. I am so very grateful for her! Her work at Born2Be continues to bless her disabled students and their families in deep ways that words cannot always convey. 

Tracy & Oakley (one of her students) - 1st place in 3 different classes!!

The “home girls” (Trinity, Remington, & Sierra) are all doing outstanding!  Trin is in the midst of graduate school and will begin the intern portion of her Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition later this year. That should be an adventure! Remington will graduate with her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development and Education in May, then will continue on toward her Bachelor’s in the same. Sierra is moving forward through her Sophomore year and learning to enjoy the leadership positions in which she has been serving.

Everybody look at the camera...

Of course, the grandsons (Gideon & Reuben) are growing like weeds! Gideon is all over the place and Reuben is beginning to crawl and pull up on things - it is a matter of time before he is trying to keep up with his brother!

The Full-Armor of God, and a young man who was unimpressed with Easter photos!

Much needed day of peace, fishing, and hanging out around a campfire.





By your generosity, four years ago, we were able to raise $10,000 toward the medical needs of one of our beloved staff member in Tanzania! Azikiwe Lutufyo had his leg fused with internal bracing several years ago after a botched surgery to remove a cancerous portion of his knee. He has “walked” with two braces and a straight (and painful) leg for well over 15 years.  An amputation and prosthetic would provide him with relief from pain and greater mobility in a nation where there is no American Disability Act. Then COVID struck, then Azikiwe began to have doubts and concerns (it is not a light thing to have an appendage amputated)… After some encouragement and prayer this year, he is back on track to have the surgery - it is currently scheduled for April. Please pray for no infections, for a precise and excellent surgery, and for rapid healing and recovery for Azikiwe! 

Azikiwe's story (5 minutes)


We have been running short on training materials for the past few years… printing for each individual event, which is more costly with a lower quantity — but now, thanks do your financial partnership, we were able to do a mass printing order for both regions:  West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa!  In total, we printed 21,875 training manuals and 90,000 evangelism and discipleship tools in 4 languages to be used across 12 nations!  These materials have been delivered into the hands of each National Director and are already bearing good fruit!

31 cases of SI Training Materials arrive in Zambia!


We have finally decided to enter the world of Social Media in order to share them with the rest of the world!  Writing can only do so much… so please FOLLOW us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to hear brief videos (reels) telling stories like these, a word of encouragement, or some news from Africa. We post Missions Monday, Wisdom Wednesday, and Friday News & Culture.  

Brief Missions Tales...

  • A woman oppressed by demons set free by the power of Jesus! (see reel on Instagram here)

  • 3 young men gather at a small waterfall to party and celebrate one of their birthdays only to be encountered by 4 pastors (us) who lead them to the transforming power of Jesus and salvation!  (see reel on Instagram here)

  • 2 pastors, fresh from a training with Strategic Impact refuse to go home on their motor bikes… instead, they ride 2 hours to a village where they have been wanting to plant a church, share the gospel for the next 2 days, then start that new church! (see reel on Instagram here)

  • A village steeped in folk-religion and the worship of a snake, with no exposure to the gospel or even the name of Jesus, now with a church planted and new believers gathering weekly for worship of the true God while being discipled in His ways!  (see reel on Instagram here)

An Encouraging Word...

  • Stressed? Check your direction! Direction > Pace!   (see reel on Instagram here)

  • Are you tired OR depleted? Do you need sleep OR do you need a refreshing reset?  (see reel on Instagram here)

  • Caught in the comparison trap? God made you just like you are - on purpose for His purpose!  (see reel on Instagram here)

  • $10 reactions to $0.10 problems? There is probably more going on than is seen. What's in your "invisible backpack"?  (see reel on Instagram here)

These stories and so many more would not exist without YOU - your partnership through prayer, encouragement, and giving! 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Gospel is going forward into places where it has never been preached! This is happening because YOU have sent the Lord’s workers into the harvest! “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!’” (Romans 10:14-15)

The ministry is Biblical. The vision is clear.

The need is great. The fruit is substantial.

 None of this would be possible without YOUR partnership in prayer and giving.


                   - The McCartys

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