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Strategic Impact Africa Teams

SI SSA Leadership.JPG

Strategic Impact Sub-Saharan Africa Senior Leadership Team
overseeing work in 11 nations

Africa Director

D&T McCarty.jpeg

Dustin L. McCarty

Africa Director

Dustin oversees the continent of Africa for Strategic Impact - teaching, coaching, encouraging, resourcing, and serving - so that all may hear the beautiful truth of the gospel.  He also plays a leadership role on SI International's Executive Team and handles a lot of the ministry's logistics. Dustin resides in Denton, Texas with his wife (Tracy), four daughters (Dakota, Trinity, Remington, & Sierra Justace), one son-in-law (Cody), three dogs (Lyric, Griswold Grizzersmith, & Roscoe), and one grandson (Gideon).

Edward Alemya.jpeg

Edward Alemya

Ghana National Director

Edward is one of the latest additions to our team - Bio coming soon!

Mwambola Easy Rider.jpg

Reuben Mwambola


National Director

Reuben started out with Strategic Impact in Bujumbura, Burundi (one of my favorite places to pronounce).  Things progressed very well there, and he soon had a strong team developed to spread the work - even into two communities in the Eastern part of the DRC (now overseen by Dr. John).  Then civil unrest broke out.  Reuben and his family had to flee the country, since they were not Burundians.  They landed in Kigali, Rwanda, where Reuben's wife is from, and launched SI there as well! Reuben currently lives in Kigali, Rwanda with his wife (Salome) and thee sons (James, Ishimwe, & Iradukunda) - and looks pretty tough on the back of a motorcycle!  They are hoping to transition back to Tanzania soon.


Stephen Aputara

West Africa

Regional Director

Unfortunately, Stephen Aputara passed away unexpectedly in February, 2022.  It was more than a shock to myself and all of our SI family, let alone his own family.  We grieve his passing, but celebrate his legacy of faithfulness. 


Stephen oversaw the region of West Africa with Dustin.  He was been a faithful pastor, leader, and servant of the Lord for many years.  After retiring from his position as pastor and President of their denomination, Stephen says his role in the local church was now to be "conducting weddings, burying the deceased, and blessing babies."  He is a true man of Godly character and we are grateful that he so passionately joined forces with Strategic Impact to saturate West Africa and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Dr John Kupendwa.png

Dr. John Kupendwa

Eastern DRC

National Director

Dr. John is one of the latest additions to our team - Bio coming soon!


Victor Ouedraogo

Burkina Faso

National Director

Victor is one of the latest additions to our team - Bio coming soon!


Israel Wandamba

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Director

​Israel oversees the region with Dustin, with an emphasis on the 5 nation hub comprised of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi (and Eastern DRC... because we can't count and Israel is REALLY good!).  He is founding Pastor of Potter's House in Tandika, Tanzania.  Israel resides just outside of Tandika (near Dar es Salaam) with his wife (Beauty Jane).  He has more children than Abraham, with six sons (Lusajo, Moses, David, Israel Jr., and twins Zoe & Joe).  

Azikiwe 1.jpeg

Azikiwe Lutufyo


National Director

Azikiwe oversees all of the nation of Tanzania, where we have experienced the most growth as a ministry.  This is the land of proper Swahili (take that, Kenya!).  At one time, Azikiwe and Israel both studied Karate (that is where they met and became friends) - both were blackbelts.  Now, even though his right leg is fuzed straight due to a botched series of surgeries, he has served the Lord faithfully.  When Azikiwe preaches, it is like shifting gears in a car - he starts out in first, and makes his way quickly up to 3rd & 4th gear.  Our team believes he has a 5th, but we have not seen it yet, and are all unconvinced we would survive without immediately being taken to heaven!   He is founding Pastor of Gospel Power House (Best. Church Name. Ever.) in the beautiful city of Mbeya, Tanzania, where he lives with his wife (Victoria), daughter (Even), and two sons (Hagai & Ezra). 


Dennis Sitali


National Director

​Dennis oversees the entire nation of Zambia for Strategic Impact.  This is a difficult task, not only due to its size, but also the number of languages - there are 73 tribes, 5 major tribal language groups, and then English on top of that!   He is founding Pastor of Alpha Revival Centre in Roma, Zambia (a community in Lusaka).  Dennis resides in Roma with his wife (Ireen), daughter (Sharon), and son (Caleb) - but he can usually be found on his phone!


Sainet Phiri

Asst. Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Director

Sainet oversees the region with Dustin and Israel, but with an emphasis on the 5 nation hub comprised of Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar.  He is founding Pastor of East Gate Revival Centre in Bauleni, Zambia. 

Sainet resides in Bauleni with his wife (Eunice), two sons (Jonathan & Joshua), and daughter (Johanna, the Princess of the Whole World).  

Joseph Musana.jpg

Joseph Musana


National Director

Dr. John is one of the latest additions to our team - Bio coming soon!

SI WAf Leadership.JPG

Strategic Impact West Africa Senior Leadership Team
overseeing work in 5 nations

Strategic Impact Africa Leadership

There are many more people involved than just Regional and National Directors.  We have 57 different self-multiplying locations across 15 nations of Sub-Saharan Africa!  Each of those areas/districts have volunteer staff leaders who are "doing Strategic Impact" in their own churches and helping guide the multiplying movements toward growth and saturation of their area with the gospel! 

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