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Immediate Prayer Requests

2019 Strategic Impact All-Africa senior leadership

I just received 2 messages from Africa with some urgent Prayer Requests. Please join me in prayer for our dear brothers Stephen Aputara, Sainet Phiri, and Dennis Sitali, who need the Lord's help with some immediate challenges! Also for Israel Wandamba and his team as they are planning for further expansion!




From Stephen Aputara this morning:

A motorist hit my pickup from behind last night. One is in a critical condition at the hospital. I am at the police station. Will appreciate your prayers!

Then Later:

These were armed robbers who were on a motorcycle snatching people’s bags, purses and phones. They were being pursued by two of their victims. Unfortunately, they run into my pickup. One escaped and this one is in a critical condition at the hospital. The police have taken my statement, impounded my truck as they investigate. Tomorrow the vehicle and licensing authority will examine my truck before it will be released to me. I spent the whole day between the police station and hospital. Will appreciate your prayers!

Cody & Dakota - Easter 2019


Trinity, the Senior!





Sainet & Dennis headed south this morning from Lusaka, Zambia to establish the work of SI in Bulawayo & Harare, Zimbabwe over the next several days. I just received this message from Sainet:

Awesome happens. We just arrived in Harare about 30 minutes ago after almost 4 hours of delays at the border. Too many rules here now. Motor vehicles clearance was crazy complicated In spite of certifying are the paper work from Zambia. We have been told that we can't preach without a permit and we were made to sign papers at the border indicating that we have read the rules and that we will abide by them. We have been told to visit immigration Department tomorrow before we can minister. We intend to proceed with ministry in the morning and visit immigration thereafter. Please pray for grace and favor.

Sainet & Dennis in Lusaka, Zambia




Earlier this week, Israel Wandamba gathered leaders from Rwanda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Kigali, Rwanda to encourage, cast vision, teach, and prayerfully plan for the coming year's work in their areas. He sent this photo of some of the team having a break from the intense meetings. Please join me in prayer for wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for these teams!

As Floyd VanDeburgh just told me, "The devil don’t like what we are doing. I am praying for victory!" Please join our SI teams in praying for all this and more!

THANK YOU AGAIN for YOUR partnership!

The McCartys

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