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Greetings from Lesotho!

Greetings from Lesotho!

Met with the local SI team here in Maseru. Good time of prayer and planning together. I also had a great day spending time with my National Director here. Of all my men, he is the most recent addition and the one I personally know the least. So good relationship building as we ran errands and such preparing for the launch tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the team will launch SI in a new area of Maseru with them in the drivers seat. I’ll be in the back seat coaching and have a few sessions to teach, but the lions share is them. This is a huge moment of transition and ownership, and is critical for a multiplying movement to start here. Good stuff. Also they have somehow tapped into another denominational network - Assembly of God, which is wonderful! We are anticipating quite a crowd.

Please pray for the pastors & leaders to be receptive, for the team to connect well with the pastors and leaders who are new to SI (all of them), for those hearing the gospel to receive Christ during the afternoon evangelism, for our team to bond even more through this experience, and for a spirit of unity around the gospel to come forth. Mostly pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Without His supernatural empowerment, there will be no fruit. May we abide in Him and trust the Lord for the increase! Thanks!

Here is the church building in which we will be gathering for the next 3 days in Thetsane.

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