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Easter Sabbath

Easter Sabbath.

The Disciples on Saturday... Can you imagine the depth of despair? The questions running through their minds? "How could this happen?" "Why did we run when He needed us most?" "What happens now?" and probably the most debilitating question of all: "What if..."

"What if we had _______?" "What if we hadn't ______?"

So many things could go in those blanks.

You see, even though the Disciples had been TOLD by Jesus that these things would transpire - He really would be taken, He really would be beaten, He really would be killed, He really would be buried, He really would be raised - They had not SEEN it. They had not EXPERIENCED it.

How often are we like the Disciples on that dark and mournful Saturday. We have been told that we "will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!" We know the trouble, for we see and experience it. It is easy to doubt about that “overcoming” part. We know the “weakness” part of Romans 8:26... but we find it difficult to trust in the "All things working together for good for those who are called according to His purpose" part.

From our position in history, we know what happens on Sunday. The Disciples had been told, but they didn't "know". But once the resurrection took place, it transformed their weak faith into a deep and powerful faith.

I ask you: Looking over your past, how has God come through and worked things together for good when you truly thought all was lost? How has He brought beauty when all you could see were ashes? How has He acted when there were no effective actions you could take? If you are like me, I can easily forget the moments of faithfulness the instant I enter the next season of crisis.

Shame on me.

He is faithful! He left the tomb empty, taking with him victory over hell, death, and the grave! He rose and made possible for us the path to reconciliation with the Father - that which we was impossible for us to do!

Take heart this day! May your faith increase and grow more robust through each moment of trial, knowing that the ultimate end is secure in His hands.

If we trust Him with our eternity, it only makes sense to trust Him with this day, as well.

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