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Our Media Team:  Josh & Sydney Phipps

Let me start the journey by introducing you to Josh & Sydney Phipps.  They are a delightful couple and we count them as dear friends!  The Phipps are extremely gifted in videography and photography and have produced some videos for us in the past.  They sacrificed their time and talents to come along on this July journey to capture more about what God is doing through Strategic Impact.  Most of the photos you will see, they took.  There will also be videos coming out focused on various facets of our ministry.  We are hoping these will provide greater clarity and zeal for what we are doing for the cause of Christ - and, frankly, to help us in fundraising efforts as well.   Josh & Sydney are available for hire for weddings through their company, Wonderlight Media and Wonderlight Wedding Films  You can see samples of their wedding work on the Vimeo channel here.  And so we are OFF and RUNNING - First Stop: The Compounds around Lusaka, Zambia.  >> NEXT >>

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