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Mbeya, Tanzania - July 2017

Mbeya is near the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania. (FYI: This is an amazing geographical earth feature - essentially a rip in the earth's surface that stretches nearly the entire length of Africa, and joins a second rift which extends all the way to Lebanon!  But enough of that).  The area is elevated and near mountains resulting from the GRV.  It is also the home of Azikiwe Lutufyo, National Director of Tanzania for Strategic Impact, and his family.  Azikiwe is a gentle giant.  He is about the same height as I am (6'2") and he was also a black belt in Karate in his younger days.  Several years ago, a cancerous tumor formed in his right knee cap.  It was subsequently removed through surgery... but that surgery was botched, along with a second surgery. The final result was a fused knee joint with metal rails screwed into the bones above and below the knee.  He has faithfully served the Lord all these years.  We have a video in the works now to help describe his daily life, because there is a new hospital in Tanzania which can provide some relief and mobility through an amputation and prosthetic.  More on that to come.  In Mbeya, we encouraged 23 Pastors and Leaders from across the city.  Honestly, this number was a bit disappointing because there are many, many more involved in the work of SI in this area. But the timing of our trip didn't allow for much flexibility (If you are hitting as many locations as we did, you can't just use Saturdays!)  Those who were there were greatly encouraged and challenged to persevere and continue in multiplication at every level!  It was a beautiful time of fellowship and praise!  These Pastors and Leaders have planted many new churches - in fact, Gospel Power House itself has equipped 3 Missionary Pastors and sent them to 3 Districts (think of them like states) to launch new churches!   That afternoon, we boarded a FastJet plane headed to Dar es Salaam, down on the coast.  It would be the last stop on this long jounrey...   >> NEXT >>

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