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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - July 2017

Dar es Salaam was the last stop on our journey.  It is the city where we (SI) first made entry into Tanzania several years ago.  I remember that time very well!  We brought together Pastors and Leaders from across this large port city, and as we drew close to the first day's evangelism experience in various communities, a concern was voiced: "We can't go share the gospel so clearly.  This city belongs to Allah!  The people will not listen!"   It was not fear of the Muslims at all.  Instead, they were convinced it was a waste of time because no one would receive the gospel and place faith in Christ!  We heard their concerns, comforted them, and asked them to just try it for this one afternoon.  The next morning, as we received testimonies from the previous afternoon's experience - individual after individual shared how they were amazed at how spiritually hungry the people were all across Dar!  How ready they were to hear the gospel from their own countrymen!  How many came to faith!  One man stood up and said, "We were wrong.  This city does not belong to Allah, it belongs to Jesus!"  Now fast-forward through the years.  In the area of Tandika alone (a "suburb" of Dar), there are many, many Pastors and Leaders who have been faithfully sharing the gospel, discipling the new believers toward maturity, equipping the next generation of Pastors and Leaders, and planting churches. 24 of these were able to join us for the time of encouragement and celebration of what God has been doing. One of these Pastors has multiplied 6 generations of Pastors deep!  Each of those generation is also multiplying into others!   The work expanded one location to 15 other locations which continue to grow!  Praise the Lord! But this is only part of the story!  This is only two of the nations in which we work. In my region of Sub-Saharan Africa alone, we are in 9 nations, and working toward all 20!  Around the world, we are in over 30!!!  The testimonies are similar in each place:  As nationals are trained, the fully-committed are identified and equipped further, then they start the self-multiplication process and we coach and encourage!  It is a beautiful thing!

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