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Iringa & Mafinga, Tanzania - July 2017

After our eventful journey to Iringa and a good night's rest, we met with Pastor Brown Kyando, who is the District Director for SI in the District of Iringa.  (They also have leaders fulfilling the roles of City Director and a Prayer Coordinator) He had arranged for a meeting of the Pastors and Leaders involved with SI in his Area.  We walked in to a sizeable church building with no back wall. It was about the size of a basketball court.  There were 84 Pastors and Leaders present from across the city of Iringa.  After a time of worship, the testimonies began.  Story after story of how the Lord had used SI to equip and motivate evangelism and discipleship to take place - but then more testimonies about how these Pastors and Leaders were inspired to draw closer to Christ, spend more time in the word of God and prayer, and how they had grown in personal holiness. Here are a few quotes I captured, "Now I read the Bible to know the word and to serve better."  "I have learned to be faithful and to be a loving person... I can't serve without love."  One Pastor shared that they planted a church in a Muslim community.  That church grew and has now sent out two more pastors to plant churches!  It was amazing!  Definitely one of THE most encouraging times I have ever experienced in ministry thus far.  They also shared how they were multiplying... generation after generation of national Pastors and Leaders winning and equipping the next generation, planting multiplying churches, and raising multiplying leaders! Even testimonies of how churches sent out newly trained Pastors (through SI's process) to distant villages to reach the lost and plant churches! It was phenomenal!  The next morning, we journeyed back toward Mbeya, but stopped in the town of Mafinga to check in on the work there (which had branched out from the team in Iringa). It was still in the fledgling phase, but with some renewed commitment through the physical presence and encouragement we brought, I am confident it will spark again and begin to multiply once more.  Kyando will be with them more frequently in coming days, as well, to assure growth is taking place.  Then, back to Mbeya to meet with the SI Team there...  >> NEXT >>

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