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Gospel Power House Church - Mbeya, Tanzania - July 2017

Even when you are on an extended ministry journey, Sunday rolls around!   The previous Sunday, I preached at East Gate Revival Centre in Bauleni, Zambia.  This Sunday, we were Gospel Power House in Mbeya, Tanzania.  Azikiwe Lutufyo is the Pastor and is also our National Director over Tanzania.  You will not meet another like him - gentle and kind, but a lion when preaching!  We joke with him about having "gears" like a transmission.  He runs through first, and as he warms up, shifts on to second - when he hits fourth, hold on!   It was a great time to be back in Mbeya again with the people of GPH, worshipping the one true God together!  After church, we headed out toward Iringa, Tanzania.  This was supposed to be a moderate drive of 4-5 hours.  It took about 8 hours due to road construction.  Most of the time it was like being in an off-road rally race and competing with sem-trucks and other (much more capable than our mini-van) vehicles.  Honestly, this was one of the times I felt most in danger in all my time in Africa.  Praise the Lord, we arrived at the hotel just after midnight.  >> NEXT >>

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